The Child Hood Brand Feature: Little Pop Studios!

Welcome to the first in our Brand Feature series, which gives you a bit of background into our lovely labels and the amazing creators behind them. Every label has a different story and different inspiration.

The Child Hood is proud to stock a diverse range of well established and exciting up-and-coming brands. While some have been on the scene longer than others, what they have in common is not only a strong fan base of devoted customers but also their passion for producing high quality garments, designed to keep your little ones comfortable and stylish. This series brings you their story. 

Our first featured label is Little Pop Studios, the brainchild of Biance Acke, mumma to 3 gorgeous kids and designer extraordinaire. Inspired by her children and focusing on experimenting with watercolors Bianca began painting her favorite muses in Pop Art style. Not long after that she was approached to offer paintings she had done for her children's rooms as prints. Based in Hamilton NZ and coming from a family of creatives, Bianca has always painted what is currently inspiring her for her own home. 

The Child Hood spoke with Bianca about her label and what drives her...

Who is Little Pop Studios?

Me, Bianca.

How did the brand come to be?

Things started out with watercolour paintings in pop art style of my kids and everything evolved from there.

What is your inspiration?

Always my children.  I design things for their rooms and feel so lucky that other Mums want them in their kids rooms too!

Favourite way to unwind?

Catching up on sleep.  I don't usually get much during the night with the kids waking up.

Favourite holiday destination?

We lived in Europe before having kids and I honestly can't choose, I love everywhere we visited!

What’s next for the Little Pop Studios?

I'm just working on some completely new products at the moment, plus designing the next additions to our Capsule Clothing Collection.  


Thanks to the lovely Bianca for speaking to us, we can't wait to see what gorgeous designs you will come up with next! You can shop the Little Pop Studios Collection here.

AG x 


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