Huxbaby Spring/Summer 2016

Huxbaby Offers You Quality, Style, and Much More
In an ever expanding market in kids’ fashion, finding the right brand and design for your little ones can seem like a difficult task. While there may be many options to choose from, brands such as Huxbaby easily stand above the crowd. 
Huxbaby is an Australian kids’ fashion brand with ever-growing local and global popularity. Huxbaby have established themselves as a leading brand by offering the highest quality in style and functionality in all their pieces, and all at affordable prices.
Just as no two children are alike, each Huxbaby design has an individual focus on charm, beauty and playfulness which allows kids to be themselves while they explore their world.

Minimalism and Style to Highlight Your Child's Uniqueness
Huxbaby offers a vast selection of finely tailored clothing including dresses, leggings and sweaters for the cooler months and tees, skirts and singlets for those times when it’s time to run wild! In addition, each look is able to have finishing touches to each look with accessories such as scarves and sunnies.
Best of all, Huxbaby offer minimalist kids fashion at a minimalist cost. Each piece of clothing offers a simple yet catchy design offered in colours such as grey, fawn and monochrome.
Quality Materials Manufactured in an Environmentally Responsible Manner
We all want the best clothing for our children, and the carefully selected materials they are made from is one of the leading factorswhen choosing a product. A wide range of Huxbaby's clothing is made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton that will ensure your child feels extremely comfortable in its everyday clothes and no skin irritations will occur. In addition, buying GOTS certified clothing significantly lowers the environmental footprint we leave, as all raw materials are manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
Gender-neutral Clothing Can Save You Money
One of the great advantages of Huxbaby is that each piece is gender-neutral, which means that both your cool cat and your fashionista can benefit from the stylish, contemporary designs. This not only adopts a modern approach to fashion but also means a saving for your next purchase!  

The 2016 range maintains the minimalistic palette that people have come to know and love from Huxbaby, mixed with blush tones and fun prints like fruit and the "nerd bear". View our collection online now!






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