Buying for a newborn

Spring has sprung here in Australia and it's traditionally the season for birth and new life. And there's not much cuter than new babies. They're tiny humans with little fingers and toes and they smell amazing!  Some very good friends of mine, a gorgeous couple, have just given birth to the most adorable little man and as brand new parents they are of course smitten. I still remember the feeling of when our eldest was born. Fear, excitement, joy, trepidation and a heart so full of love you could explode were just some of the feelings I remember feeling at the time. It's the most amazing experience, unlike anything I've ever gone through before. The feeling doesn't satiate when you have the second either. There is less fear and trepidation, more excitement and a greater feeling of ease (for me anyway). I just love babies you see.  Seeing my social media feeds filled with sleeping newborns sends my ovaries into overdrive. I suppose I'm wearing my rose coloured glasses when I see these babies as it's easy to forget the tiredness, the haze of fatigue that comes with the arrival of a baby. But anyway, it's nice to reminisce all the same. So I'd like to dedicate today's post to all the new parents, second, third, fourth time parents who are welcoming little people into the world this September. And here are some ideas for gorgeous presents for the newborns in your lives. All available at The Child Hood.



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