DOT DOT was born out of a simple ideal, to let little girls be just that – little.

In a time where girls are growing up so quickly, DOT DOT embraces everything that is pure, tender and playful to cherish those precious early years.

Founded by Sydney mother, Samantha Otter and inspired by her own littlies, DOT DOT reflects the beauty and innocence of all the little 'dots' out there. Finding most girl’s swimwear to be overly cutesy or too mature for her one-year-old daughter, she created a collection that blends classic styles with modern touches and delicate, feminine accents.

Designed exclusively for 1-8 year-old’s, DOT DOT swimsuits stand the test of time, both in quality and aesthetic. Beautiful, timeless pieces to pass onto a little sister, or hold onto – even when they’re all grown up – as a tangible reminder of a person once so little.

Intent on letting their natural beauty shine, the inaugural collection features soft tones, classic black and white and understated custom-designed patterns.

While delicate to the eye, all garments are lovingly constructed with luxurious soft Italian fabric, made up of 78% recycled material which resists breakdown 5 times longer than average chlorine-resistant Lycra and has a UPF 50+ rating.

With styles that are comfortable on little bodies, every piece is made for little girls with big adventurous spirits.

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