Little Cocoa Bean is a family owned company created and founded in December 2012 by Sara Bass. Sara was proudly born and raised in Portugal – this tiny country next to Spain – and moved to the US to go to college and ended up marrying the love of her life. Sara started this small business, that has been growing more than any expectations, when she felt the urge to create and design clothes for her son, and at the same time to stay busy while her husband attends Medical School. She admits all her creations are inspired by her 2 sons, Vincent and Memphis.

Little Cocoa Bean is proud of its roots on how it all started. Little Cocoa Bean was an all handmade company. All garments were handprinted in 100% Organic Cotton fabric, freshly cut one by one, and all sewn by hand by Sara Bass and her associates. In September 2014, Little Cocoa Bean started manufacturing all products but still using Organic Cotton.

Little Cocoa Bean is a combination of fun, comfort, and edgy for all kids that appreciate fashion.

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