Lindsay Isakson White started Lot801 in 2014 at her kitchen table in Salt Lake City. After becoming a mother and wanting to dress her daughter in hip fashionable clothing, she realized how difficult it was to find clothing for girls that wasn't pink and filled with butterflies. She wanted clothing that wasn't specific for girls or boys, and wondered why the heck she couldn't find ANY black clothing for the little ones. This is when she decided to start Lot801. 

Our Mission

A children's brand for the unorthodox family. Lot801 strives to create unisex clothing that appeals to both the little punks and the fashionable moms. We like to think of ourselves as the black sheep of children's brands, breaking all the rules. We make our own "cool" for creative, curious kids that love to explore the world through their own eyes. Who says girls have to wear pink and boys have to wear blue? Why can't the little ones sport black? We believe in letting children be whoever they want to be. 

Lot801 takes pride in creating eco-friendly apparel. Every piece is hand made with love in Salt Lake City with 100% organic cotton and water based inks. Only the best for your little babes, right? 

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