Lucky No. 7: a tough looking baby and toddler clothing brand, boys only! Lucky No. 7 stands for tough, a little bit rebellious with a wink at teen fashion, comfort and a sustainability awareness. Why can’t little ones look just as tough as the big guys?

The woman behind Lucky No. 7 is Risma (31 years), mother of a daughter and a son (3 and 1 years old) and successfully active in retail for several years. Setting up a children's clothing brand has always been a dream; a dream that’s about to come true! She discovered by accident, after the birth of her son on the 7th of July 2013, that the number 7 always keeps returning in her life, in different ways. Therefore she decided to call the label Lucky No. 7. Coincidence does not exist, some things in life are meant to be!

It's all about fun at Lucky No.7. "Keep it cool & be awesome!" We will make sure your order will be wrapped like a real gift.

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